McKay correspondence in 3 dimensions: differential geometric and algebraic aspects and applications to mathematical physics

Speaker: Ugo Bruzzo, Sissa/UFPB.

Date: 12 dec 2019, 15h30.

Place: Room 40x, Bloco H, Campus Gragoatá, UFF.

Abstract: If G is a finite group acting on C^3, the MacKay correspondence establishes a correspondence between the representation theory of G, and the cohomology of a crepant resolution X of C^3/G, or more precisely, with the geometry of the exceptional divisors of X. In my talk I will cover the following aspects:

  1. Correspondence between the GIT construction of the resolution vs. a Marsden-Weinstein approach;
  2. Explicit study of the chamber structure of the space of stability parameters in an example;
  3. A hint to physical applications.