The size-Ramsey number of powers of bounded degree trees

Speaker: Taísa Martins, IMPA.

Date: 28 aug 2019, 13h.

Place: Room 407, Bloco H, Campus Gragoatá, UFF.

Abstract: Given a positive integer s, the s-colour size-Ramsey number of a graph H is the smallest integer m such that there exists a graph G with m edges where in any s-colouring of E(G) there is a monochromatic copy of H. We prove that, for any positive integers k and s, the s-colour size-Ramsey number of the kth power of any n-vertex tree is linear on n.

This is a joint work with S. Berger, Y. Kohayakawa, G. S. Maesaka, W. Mendonça, G. O. Mota and O. Parczyk.