Open sets of partially hyperbolic skew products having an unique SRB measure

Speaker: Davi Obata, Université Paris-Sud (Orsay).

Date: 12 jul 2019, 15h30.

Place: Room 407, Bloco H, Campus Gragoatá, UFF.

Abstract: In this seminar we will study the existence (and uniqueness) of SRB measures for certain partially hyperbolic systems. In particular, we obtain $C^2$-open sets of dissipative, partially hyperbolic skew products having an unique hyperbolic SRB measure. These partially hyperbolic systems have a two dimensional center which presents both expansion and contraction, and no domination between expanding/contracting directions. These systems are dissipative perturbations of an example introduced by Berger-Carrasco. The proof uses a combination of recent results: a measure rigidity result by Brown-Rodriguez Hertz, the invariance principle by Tahzibi-Yang, and some techniques developed by the author to prove the stable ergodicity of the same example in the conservative setting. In particular, in a neighborhood of the example we obtain a rigidity result for $u$-Gibbs measures, that is, we can classify all the possible $u$-Gibbs measures that may appear.